Testimonials & Reviews

If you STILL need a reason to sign up for AmeriCamp Canada, have a read of our AmeriCamp Canada Reviews and see what those who have already been to Camp with us have to say…

Looking for an insight into what to expect during your time at Camp? You’ve come to the perfect place: Our AmeriCamp Canada reviews section will provide you with the perfect insight into what to expect during your visit to Canada!

The AmeriCamp Canada experience is guaranteed to be an awesome thrill and will provide you with plenty of incredible memories, a whole host of new friends, as well as the opportunity to experience the beauty of Canada, a location regarded by many as the one of the most picturesque locations to visit, with cascading waterfalls, stunning scenery and iconic locations.

As is the case with any trip, we understand that the vast majority of applicants will be keen to establish what to expect before embarking on their journey to Canada, in search of their Summer of a Lifetime.

Every year, we send thousands of applicants to Camp; whilst each candidate is unique in their own different way, with skills to offer our collection of incredible Camps, all of our applicants have one thing in common – they’re all seeking an adventure to remember in Canada!

Thankfully, we’re pleased to say that AmeriCamp Canada are continually setting exceptionally high standard for all of our applicants, as we strive to deliver an incredible experience. We cater for a whole host of applicants, including soccer sensations, tennis enthusiasts, horse riders, qualified swimming instructors – to name but a few!

When our Campers return home, we always make sure that we contact them to discuss their experience at Camp; firstly, to ensure that they had the best time possible, and to gain reviews for new applicants starting their own AmeriCamp Canada adventure.

Check out the reviews below and click HERE to start your journey with AmeriCamp Canada.

Elizabeth Wasson

This Summer was my first time working in a Summer Camp, but using AmeriCamp Canada enabled me to find a Camp that couldn’t have been more suited to me. I had the time of my life! In the role of Senior Councillor at Camp Tamakwa, I was able to try out all of the activities the Camp had to offer, explore the beautiful Algonquin Park by canoe and make some truly amazing friends.

Elizabeth Wasson, Camp Tamakwa

Jack Tomlinson

If I were to sum up my time at AmeriCamp Canada it would be incredible. The people, the location, the kids, everything. The support I received from the Camp Canada team meant that acquiring my visa and organizing travel arrangements were smooth and easy. I would recommend it to everyone!

Jack Tomlinson, Tamwood International Camps, Vancouver

Bradley Appleby

Hello! My name's Brad and I worked as a Senior Counsellor in Ontario, Canada for Summer 2017. I had the best Summer of my life, met friends for life, made amazing memories and also got to travel and see some amazing sights across Canada and America. I look forward to talking to you all soon and helping you begin your journey next Summer!

Bradley Appleby, Camp Tamakwa

Chloe Barratt

Canada was an incredible experience and I was able to achieve things I never would have done if I didn't go to Camp. It is life changing and addictive. I can't wait to go back and experience views like this again.

Chloe Barratt, Camp Tamakwa