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Our sister company, AmeriCamp, was a product of the personal experience of its founder Lee McAteer, whom attended Summer Camp through another company and (after paying more than £800 in fees) found his salary was only $550, meaning he was out of pocket. His co-counsellor was paid $1500 for doing the same job. We have reduced fees and ensure a fair wage to our applicants compared to other companies.

After having so many people go to the States we found that lots of our amazing AmeriCampers also wanted to experience life at a Camp in Canada.

We didn’t stop at Canada, though; AmeriCamp Canada are also the founding sister company of Camp Thailand, Camp Vietnam and Camp Cambodia which among other programs collectively send over 4000 people abroad each year to help provide an education to disadvantaged children and help with elephant conservation.

What does this mean for you?

Did you know you also get discounts for Invasion.com, Camp Thailand, Camp.co.ukAusJob, Camp South Africa, Camp Cambodia Camp Bali Camp Vietnam and AmeriCamp if you go through AmeriCamp Canada? Simply click the links to check them out!

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