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Camp Director Hiring Portal

We want to make hiring international staff as personalised to your needs as possible, that’s why we’ve looked into the way that we help you recruit.

Each and every one of our wonderful camps will have their own login. Our placement coordinators will then personally assign you potential candidates to review based on your vacancies.

You’ll also be able to review hired staff and provide their travel to camp instructions and agreed salaries as well as reviewing applicants references, background checks and other essential documents.

Work Permit and Visa Assistance

Don’t worry, we understand how busy our camp directors are. We’ll take care of the all important stuff, you’ll just be required to complete a few documents. Each season, we’ve had 100% work permit and visa approvals, meaning you can rely on us to get your staff safely through immigration and border.

What Do We Provide For Our Applicants?

AmeriCamp Canada strives to be number one for hiring. We provide full instructions and support with applicants applying for their Social Insurance Number and Bank Accounts. All of our applicants have 63 days of medical insurance provided as well as receive a detailed orientation before leaving for Canada. In the likely event, our applicants and camp directors have access to a 24/7 emergency support number.

How Do I Get Involved?

You are definitely in the right place to find highly skilled, enthusiastic and charismatic participants who love working with children and are waiting to be placed at the perfect Camp. AmeriCamp Canada is brought to you by the team who created the award winning Summer Camp America Organisation, AmeriCamp, and we would love to help you out in finding the best team for your Camp next Summer. Simply drop us an email at info@AmeriCampCanada.com to get signed up!

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