Canadian Visa Application

In order to work in Canada during the Summer it is a requirement for participants to have the correct Canadian Visa, i.e. a Work Permit/Working Holiday Visa. AmeriCamp Canada will provide the necessary paperwork which is required to apply for a Work Permit for placed applicants.

The AmeriCamp Canada team are available on +44161 312 3640 to discuss any queries that you may have; you can also email if any further assistance is needed.

The cost of the Working Holiday Visa is $250 CAD, a cost made directly payable to the Canadian government. This permits the facility to work and travel for up to 24 months.

Our dedicated in-house team here at the AmeriCamp Canada HQ have all experienced Camp first hand, meaning we have an in-depth, personal knowledge of how to obtain the relevant documentation needed to partake in the AmeriCamp Canada trip and have an incredible time. There is no question that we would not be willing to help with; ultimately, we have all been in the exact same boat as our applicants at some stage, and strive to provide as much support as possible.

Such is our dedication to ensuring that there are no problems with your Canadian Visa application, we even lay out an open invitation to each and every one of our applicants to come down to HQ, have a cup of tea, and discuss any problems that you may have or any concerns that you would like to clarify before leaving for Canada. This is a special trip for you, and we want to make sure that it’s perfect!

Alternatively, you can apply via AmeriCamp Canada for the Work Permit. This is a cost of $155 CAD, which is at the discretion of the immigration officer when passing through the border. This covers you for your Camp contract dates. You will need to request additional travel time at the border.

Did you know?

Did you know?

AmeriCamp Canada had 100% Visa Approvals Last Summer.