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AmeriCamp Canada Program Costs

Application Fee – £40

An application fee of £40 is due to officially apply for the AmeriCamp Canada program. This application fee goes towards the total program fees of £329 and has to be paid before being interviewed by a member of the AmeriCamp Canada staff. This application fee is used in order to show your commitment to taking part in the AmeriCamp Canada program. Please note that this is non-refundable after the interview.

Acceptance Fee – £99

Once you have completed your interview, your interviewer will write up your interview notes and attach them to your application. If successful in your interview, you will be asked to pay the acceptance fee of £99 and also complete two references along with your application video. Once all of this has been done your application will then circulate over to our Camp Directors in Canada who are actively seeking amazing staff for this Summer! When a Camp likes the look of your application you will be put on what is called ‘review’. You may be asked to have a Skype or phone call with the Camp Director or you may get placed straight away!

Placement Fee – £190

Upon placement at a camp, you will be asked to pay your placement fee of £190. This has to be paid within 14 days of you confirming your placement. This covers securing your placement, your Work Permit documents and your medical insurance for the duration of your stay at camp.

Third Party Costs

ACRO Background Check – £75

If you are from the UK, an ACRO background check is mandatory and must be completed for anyone who works with children. If you have previously been employed in a child-orientated work environment you may already have one. It will need to be dated after 1st June 2020.

If you are from outside of the UK, you will need to obtain an equivalent background check which may differ in cost. You can check which equivalent background check is required for your country here.

Work Permit/Working Holiday Visa – $155/253

Dependant on which Visa option you decide to take will depend on how much you pay towards your Visa.

If you are looking to apply for a working holiday visa/IEC, the cost of this will be a set amount of $253CAD. You can check eligibility and requirements on the Canadian Government website. If you are looking to obtain the work permit through AmeriCamp Canada, the cost for this is $155CAD at the discretion of the immigration officer at the border.

Biometrics Fee – $85

In light of the recent change in Canadian Law, participants are often required to submit their biometrics, including photo and fingerprints. This can be done at the border when entering Canada.

Medical Check – £0-£60

To participate in AmeriCamp Canada you will need a medical check from your GP. This will include a list of vaccinations and immunizations. Different GPs have different pricing plans. However, if your GP is charging more than £60 please contact us for advice.

Flights – £350-£450

We can help you with the booking of your flights and provide great deals through Invasion Flights. You have flexibility in booking your own flights, meaning you can change the date of your flight if plans change and only requires £99 deposit.

Electronic Travel Authorisation Fee – $7

You may be asked to pay $7 to the Canadian Government, this is for the eTA. The eTA will allow you as participants to travel before or after camp. You will be exempt from paying this if you participate in the program on the Working Holiday Visa.


Earn between $1600 and $1900 working in a summer camp job that you LOVE with AmeriCamp Canada.

Counsellors earn up to $1900 CAD

As a general or activity counsellor, your salary will vary from between $1600-$1900 CAD. This salary is dependant on the camp you are placed at and the position you are hired for.

Support Staff earn up to $1900 CAD

As Support Staff, your salary will vary from between $1800-$1900 CAD. This salary is dependant on the camp you are placed at and the position you are hired for.

Note: You must be a student returning to full-time education in order to apply for a Support Staff role.

As well as having an unforgettable summer in Canada, there are a number of benefits to the program!

  • Placement at one of the best camps in Canada
  • All meals covered whilst you work at camp
  • Free accommodation for the duration of your camp placement
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for the full duration of your camp contract.
  • 24 hour helpline in the unlikely event you have any problems.
  • Guidance with your Work Permit Application/Working Holiday Visa, which allows you to work in Canada and earn a salary.
  • Flight flexibility and discounted flights.
  • Pre-arranged travel to camp from your designated arrival airport.
  • The opportunity to travel once you have completed your placement, you can do this by simply requesting this time when crossing the border.
  • Full support throughout the application process.
  • Access to discounts on our other fantastic programs.


Some international staff members may be taxed on their pay cheque by the Canadian Government, this is perfectly normal and can be claimed back the following year; Canadian tax can be claimed back with a T4 document from your employer, if you don’t have this, our tax back partner should be able to assist.

When can I get my tax back?

The Canadian tax year is from January 1st to December 31st and you have up to five years to claim a tax refund from Canada.

How much could I potentially get back?

Use the tax back calculator to see how much tax you could claim back, or, if you’re ready to begin the process, click below.

Click here to start the tax back process

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