Camp Types


This is what most people imagine when they think of doing AmeriCamp Canada.

These camps have excellent facilities along with a wide range of programmes and activities, including: land and water sports, performing arts, music/media activities and outdoor adventure (rock climbing, quad biking, raft building etc).

More traditional camp activities also include camp fires and ‘cook-outs’, outdoor camping and special off site visits.

ACC camp fire

Specialty Camp

These camps are identical to the Traditional Camps, but with a theme associated to them!

For example, some of the most popular camps include (but are not limited to) Gymnastics Camp, Horseriding Camp and Cheer Camp.

If you have a passion for a particular sport or activity, then a Specialty Camp may be for you!



Underprivileged Camps are, for the most part, similar to a Traditional Camp in set up, but with the key difference that the children who are invited come from lower income families.

These camps may also be known as Not For Profit Camps, as (unlike most other camps) they are not set up to make money.

The main purpose and aim of these camps is to allow children to enjoy being children, as they may not get this opportunity in their daily lives. Expect a great sense of family and community at these camps.


Day Camps

These camps are set up in the same way as Traditional or Specialty Camps, but the kids will come and enjoy activities during the day and then return home afterwards.

You will then get your evening free to enjoy as you please – not too shabby!


Special Requirements

These camps are set up in the same way as Traditional Camps, but cater for kids who have special requirements such as diabetes, hearing impairments, or behavioural disorders such as ADHD.


Scout Camps

A hot favourite for anyone who was a scout or guide as a kid. These camps are operated by boy and girl Scout groups and focus on wilderness, adventure and outdoor living.

So, if you’re someone who loves the outdoors, you’re in for a real treat! These camps offer a great way for young campers to hone their leadership and social skills, all whilst developing a deep appreciation for nature, which is precisely what these camps offer.

Expect fun-filled days of kayaking, mountaineering, crafts and overnight expeditions!


Faith Based Camp

AmeriCamp Canada has a wide range of faith-based camps for campers from a Christian or Jewish background.

Some of these camps focus on providing the typical Summer camp experience with faith-based principles, while other camps encompass faith based learning and services throughout the program.

Activities specific to the faith will be run at each camp, sometimes incorporating the camp’s religious heritage and connections. You will not necessarily have to be religious to work at a faith camp, but a respect and understanding for other people’s beliefs is essential.