Costs & Salaries


You’ll get paid a set salary for working at camp for between 8 and 10 weeks. Check out how much you can expect to be earning below:
General and Activity Counsellors can earn up to $1900 CAD

Dependant on the camp you are placed at, as a general counsellor or activity counsellor, your salary will vary from between $1600-$1900 CAD.

All applicants earn a minimum of $1600 CAD

Unlike many other agencies, our salaries are not age dependent. All AmeriCamp Canada participants earn a guaranteed minimum of $1600 CAD.

Program Costs

At AmeriCamp Canada we offer a range of different payment options. Check them out below:
£309 – Pay in Full

Pay in full upon signing up to the program and receive £20 off your program fees. Simple and hassle free!

£329 – Pay in Stages

Pay in 3 instalments as you progress through your application. Start with an initial £49 deposit followed by 2 payments of £180 and £100.

£349 – Pay Monthly

Pay in monthly instalments with an initial £29 deposit. Monthly instalments will be calculated depending on the date that you sign up for the program.


There will be a £50 surcharge added to program fees if you choose to enter Canada on an employer specific work permit (our most popular option)

Third Party Costs

Third party costs are separate to our program costs. Check out the third party costs you can expect to pay below:

If you are from the UK, an ICPC ACRO background check is mandatory and must be completed for anyone who works with children. If you have previously been employed in a child-orientated work environment you may already have one. It will need to be dated after 1st May 2021.

If you are from outside of the UK, you will need to obtain an equivalent background check which may differ in cost. You can check which equivalent background check is required for your country here.

How much you pay towards your visa will depend on which visa option you choose.

If you are looking to obtain a work permit package through AmeriCamp Canada, the cost for this is £50 + $155CAD (at the discretion of the immigration officer at the border).

If you are looking to apply for an International Experience Canada (IEC), the cost of this will be a set amount of $256CAD. You can check eligibility and requirements on the Canadian Government website.

No matter which visa option you choose, participants are usually required to submit their biometrics, including photo and fingerprints. This can be done at the border when entering Canada.

To participate in AmeriCamp Canada you will need a medical check from your GP. This will include a list of vaccinations and immunizations. Different GPs have different pricing plans. However, if your GP is charging more than £60 please contact us for advice.

We can help you with the booking of your flights and provide great deals through Invasion Flights. You have flexibility in booking your own flights, meaning you can change the date of your flight if plans change and only requires £99 deposit.

If you are entering Canada on a work permit you will be required to obtain an eTA before arrival at the Canadian border. You will be exempt from paying this if you participate in the program on the IEC program.


As well as having an unforgettable summer in Canada, there are a number of benefits to the AmeriCamp Canada program:
  • Placement at one of the best camps in Canada
  • All meals accommodation included for the duration of your camp placement
  • Comprehensive medical insurance for the full duration of your camp contract
  • 24 hour helpline in the unlikely event you have any problems.
  • Guidance with your Work Permit Application/Working Holiday Visa, which allows you to work in Canada and earn a salary
  • Flight flexibility and discounted flights
  • Pre-arranged travel to camp from your designated arrival airport
  • The opportunity to travel once you have completed your placement
  • Full support throughout the application process
…and so much more including:
  • Best value for money in the industry
  • Work opportunities following completion of summer camp placement in your domestic country
  • Exceptional and personal customer service – including a chat at our AmeriCamp Canada HQ in Manchester if you require it
  • Engaging orientations – we will make sure you are fully prepared for camp and will introduce you to people going to the same camp as you!
  • A free AmeriCamp Canada T-Shirt
  • Discounts with companies affiliated with AmeriCamp Canada such as AmeriCamp, Camp Thailand, AusJob, Camp Cambodia, Camp South Africa, and Invasion.
  • Fantastic work experience and a great addition to your CV
  • Friendships that will last forever, all around the world!