Ready to Join The AmeriCamp Canada Returners Club?

Regardless of whether you went to Canada with us previously or not, you can return to Camp with AmeriCamp Canada for just £95. This includes your medical insurance, work permit documents and support from our experienced team.

To put things simply, the cost to re-apply for Camp is significantly lower than it was your first Summer, and this is our way of rewarding our returning members of the AmeriCamp Canada family as well as anyone else who has caught the Canada bug! As there is nowhere near as much work for us to carry out on your application, we’re able to get you through the process a lot quicker, whilst saving you money at the same time!

As well as cheaper application fees, you’ll also be able to negotiate your own pay directly with your Camp. This means that you can expect to earn more money when discussing your role for the next Summer – neat, right?

If you are returning to Canada but will be looking to go to a new Camp, please be aware that you will be classed as a ‘first time applicant’, and so may not be entitled to a higher salary. You will need to apply as a first-timer here.

If you are returning to a different Camp under the directions of a Camp Director that you have previously worked for, please contact the team to see if you are eligible for our returners program.

Join AmeriCamp Canada

Canada is a huge country, crammed with incredible things to see and amazing places to visit; the sheer size means that it’s impossible to experience of the attractions and points of interest in one trip.

Here at AmeriCamp Canada, we’re ecstatic for applicants to see as much of the country as possible and will do all we can to help you explore Canada!