Application Process

Welcome to our three-step AmeriCamp Canada process!

We have kept the application process as simple as possible, whilst ensuring you have the necessary information to make your application shine through to as many Camp Directors in Canada as possible!


Make the first step towards your summer of a lifetime by selecting your preferred payment option. You’ll then be directed to your own personal AmeriCamp Canada application portal!

Stage 1

After choosing your preferred payment option, you will complete your Stage 1 written application (this will take you up to 1 hour). Please provide detail on your skills, experiences with children, your preferred camp types and your summer availability dates. Once this part of your application has been reviewed and accepted by a member of the team, we’ll be in touch to arrange your interview!


Now that you’ve completed your Stage 1, the next step is to have an interview with one of our lovely Campus Managers. Treat this as more of a chat through your application with someone who has the experience of going to camp. You will also have the chance to ask any questions you may have about the application process or about camp life in general!

Stage 2

Upon completion of a successful interview, you will progress onto Stage 2 of your application – which will include 2 references and a 2-3 minute application video. This stage will ensure that your application is ready to be seen by our camps in Canada so you can start being reviewed for summer camp positions!

*Stage 2 Fee

If you’ve selected to Pay in Stages, your Stage 2 fee will now be due. You’ll need to make this payment before your application can be viewed by our Canadian camps.

Placement System

Once you have completed Stage 2 in full, your application will be ready to be sent to our Placement System. Our dedicated placement team will then work with our Canadian camps to find you a camp that’s a great fit for you!

Be prepared to receive a notification once your application goes on review with a camp then be sure to keep an eye out for any emails inviting you to an interview!

Placed (Stage 3)

Congratulations – you’ve been placed! Now that you’ve been successful in finding a camp for summer, you’ll need to upload the remainder of your documents including your background check, medical form and travel history form.

(If you’ve selected to enter Canada on a Work Permit through us (our most popular option), you’ll need to pay your work permit package processing fee at this stage too!)

*Stage 3 Fee:

If you’ve selected to Pay in Stages, your Stage 3 fee will now be due. You’ll need to make this payment before your application status can officially be changed to ‘Placed’!

*These steps only apply if you select our ‘Pay in Stages’ payment option