Canada Shrugs off the Shadow of America


As the latest intake prepare for AmeriCamp Canada, travellers continue to trek across the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, in pursuit of a life-changing adventure, beset with memories and splashed with visual delights.

Following an arduous journey comprising mediocre movies, vacuum-packed cuisine and agitated juniors, millions of passengers eventually touch-down in America, a destination packing undeniable appeal, but continually marketed as the creme de la creme of travel for would-be trekkers heading to the Americas.

With Times Square illuminating the streets of New York, the sprawling Golden Gate Bridge connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean and the yawning chasm of the Grand Canyon threatening to swallow the surrounding scenery, the lure of America cannot be disputed; a hot-bed of culture and the epicentre of pop culture, the country continues to captivate and enthral.

However, North of America lays Canada, whom regardless of its picture-postcard features, has continually slipped under the shadows of its seemingly more illustrious neighbour in bygone years.

Canada certainly attracts its fair share of visitors – twenty-million in 2016 – yet the enigma as to why more people don’t choose to visit in comparison to America is somewhat staggering, given the country’s undisputed beauty and opportunity to delve into an unforgettable Summer trip.


While many argue that the sheer scale of America lends itself to a definitive exploring experience, Canada dwarfs its American counterpart, spanning a mind-boggling 9,984,670 sq km; such is the enormity of the country, that it accommodates six time zones. Throughout the mammoth landscape, there are an abundance of gems waiting to be uncovered, both inland and across the country’s snaking coastline, the longest in the world at an incredible 202,08 km.

Canada is a diverse country offering an array of attractions for would-be visitors; the country boasts a delicious landscape, with stark inconsistencies a fundamental component of its charm. With the country clad in blankets of glaciers, momental mountains, as well as sleepy lakes and towering skyscrapers, the Canadian backdrop is an aesthetic cocktail packing a potent punch with the potential to knock visitors off their feet.

A flabbergasting fusion between urban chaos and sedate surroundings of rural retreats, Canada is a testament to geographical diversity, with the country possessing an innate capability to meet the requirements of a breadth of travellers. Scattered with a wealth of natural wonders, including Niagara Falls and Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Canada is a sprawling celebration of splendour.

Moreover, with the country steeped in rich French heritage, Canada is officially classified as bilingual, with many French speakers residing in the likes of Ontario and Quebec; a visit to Canada exposes tourists to an experience of miscellaneous history, paving the way for a unique trip.

Whether you’re whale watching, seeing the Northern Lights in Yukon, or riding the Rocky Mountaineer, there are plenty of opportunities to satisfy your soul, without immediately skating to the States.